Companies in Touch with Tomorrow

Companies in Touch with Tomorrow

Companies in Touch with Tomorrow

Companies in Touch with Tomorrow

Big Creek Group

Big Creek Group comprises of 6 companies: Port of Big Creek, Banana Enterprise Limited, Belagro, SofTech Data Center and Haney Farm Limited.

Who Are We?

Our Leaders

The Big Creek Group is a group of investors situated in the south of Belize, in the privately owned community of Big Creek. The Group’s focus is on oil, land development and other tourism related activities. The key members of the Group are Michael Duncker, Antonio Zabaneh and Zaid Flores, all businessmen involved in a variety of major industries such as shrimp, banana, orange, port facilities, ship agency and fertilizer importation and distribution.

Our Country

Belize is a small country located on the western border of the Caribbean Sea. It provides a unique blend of history, geography and culture. It is known for its great tropical and Caribbean climate, unspoiled rainforest, longest living coral reef in the Western hemisphere, great dive sites, the majestic Blue Hole, intriguing Maya ruins, exotic birds, the worlds largest jaguar reserve, white sand beaches, mountain ranges, scattered beautiful tropical islands, stable currency and a democratic government.

Our Goals

The Group believes that Belize is rapidly approaching a critical point in its development, a point where relative obscurity is quickly being overturned by recognition. This is being fueled by influencers such as celebrities seeking private getaway destinations within the Caribbean. By developing the coastal real estate properties, the Group hopes to attract the attention of North American and European consumers seeking vacation homes, retirement homes, and leisure travel in the Caribbean. This target market is being fueled by an aging baby boomer population.

Our Mission:

To stimulate increased economic activity in the south, continue strengthening the national economy and improving the living and environmental conditions in the south of Belize.

Our vision is to revolutionize the Company to have the strength of a big company combined with the leanness and agility of a small company.

Job Vacancies

Latest News

Sporting Events for the Employees at Big Creek Group - Football, Volleyball, Lime 'n Spoon, Sack Race, Egg Toss, Tug 'n War, Greasy Pole, etc.

Special thanks to all our employees for making this a memorable occasion ... and to our 2017 Checkers Champion, Mr. Eduardo Coc

The Port of Big Creek hereby congratulates The Santander Group for its first shipment of sugar through the Port of Big Creek. This is another significant achievement for the Port and Southern Belize as it continues to develop a world class port facility.