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Banana Enterprises Limited (BEL), owns 100% of the Port of Big Creek which is situated in the south of Belize, in the area known as Independence. BEL is a 100% Belizean owned company established in 1985 and whose principal activities are: ship agency, port services,tug and barge service, property rental, stevedoring, fertilizer and agro chemicalsimportation.


Brief History:

One of the reasons for the birth of the company was to provide shipping and logistics for the exports of bananas to the Banana Industry. One of our early operations was a feeder service with a fleet of tugs and barges to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala and Puerto Cortes, Honduras.


With the growth of the Banana Industry BEL saw need to construct a port where vessels can dock alongside. Another venture for BEL was to partner 50% with Fyffes Group Ltd. for the construction of The Big Creek Port. Later Banana Enterprises Limited became 100% owner of The Port of Big Creek when Fyffes sold its shares.


The banana industry need for agricultural inputs led BEL to establish the importation of fertilizers and agro chemicals to assist the industry this later grew to other industries in the area.