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Environmental, Health & Safety

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By consistently achieving good safety, health and environmental practices, we aim to be selected as the Port, Shipping and Agro service provider of choice in Belize.

  • We consider Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) to be of equal importance to all other functions of the business and operate a EHS Management system comparable with OHSAS 18001; and ISO 14001.
  • Our EHS Department provides competent advice on all matters of health, safety and welfare to assist management, employees and their representatives in their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Protection of the environment, the safety and health of all those involved is an integral part of our activities.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in our processes to manage safety, health and environmental performance.
  • We will contribute to the continuity of our Company by the systematic control, prevention and elimination of hazards.
  • We will continuously work towards our goals of zero incidents and no damage to the environment.
  • We will strictly adhere to safety, health and environmental governing regulations as a minimum.
  • Line management’s responsibility is to demonstrate visible commitment, enforcement and provision of appropriate resources to implement our EHS policy.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we expect every employee to contribute to the prevention of accidents by reporting, analyzing and controlling safety, health and environmental hazards. This will be supported by efficient and effective training programs and the development of annual EHS improvement plans.

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