First Aid Training

First Aid Training

First Aid is the first treatment given to someone to save life and ease pain using anything or nothing at all.

On the 11th November 2017 our employees engaged in a First Aid training exercise.  Please see below list of individuals that completed the First Aid Training:

Name Department/Location
Annica Thurton Port
Ken Linarez Port
Michael Garnet Extra-gang
Aaron Wagner Extra-gang
Arleni Forman Belagro
Jaymar Martinez Belagro
Diana Zetina Belagro
Delmar Martinez Security
Roy Peters Security
Leny Zepeda Main Office
Judy Centeno Main Office
Sergio Dorado Haney Farms
Gary Lambey Tug/Pilot
Aurelio Menjivar Transport and Heavy Equipment
Caleb Wade Workshop
Cleopatra Cuevas Safety, Health and Environment

What is learnt in training is not only applicable at work but at home as well.  

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